People rarely feature in my photographs, the emptiness of landscapes and deserted streets or quiet corners appeals to me.

I suppose the sense of calm and solitude that an empty field or mist-hidden view brings gives focus to the noise of the world constantly around us. It highlights, to me, how rare and difficult it is to find these moments of being.

I graduated from the Kent Institute of Art and Design in 1997 with a degree in Fine Art and live and work in London.

Nearly all my work is shot on 35mm and 120 film with a variety of cameras including a Nikon F2 and FM2n as well as Yashica and Zeiss TLR Medium format cameras among others, many of which have been rescued from peoples’ lofts and dusty cupboards.

The process of shooting on film–as well as it being how I started all those analogue years ago at art college–appeals very much to me in the sense that it has an ineffable quality and a physical presence of the actual and tangible trapping of the light before your eyes. Also, it means there is not an immediate and throw away satisfaction to the image making process. It takes time and pause, something which is fast becoming a premium in today’s world.
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